Product Image (110)

100A AC True RMS Clamp Meter

Price: 12500 INR/Piece

True RMS 60/600/1000A auto-ranging Clampmeter

Product Image (1051)

Digital Multimeter KEW 1051

Price: 31430 INR/Piece

Digital Multimeter KEW1051 For Electrical and Electronic Troubleshootings High Accuracy, High Performance and Reliable Measurements

Product Image (115)

200A AC Clamp meter KEW200

Price: 6300 INR/Number

Digital AC Clamp Meter: Measures Current up to 400A AC & Voltage up to 600V AC

Product Image (01)

Digital Clamp Meter

Price: 26300 INR/Piece
  • Product Type:Digital Clamp Meter
  • Power Supply:DC
  • Usage:Measuring Tools
Product Image (065)

Digital Multimeter 1009

Price: 5500 INR

Digital Multimeter

Product Image (1066)

Power Clamp meter - KEW 2062

Price: 73300 INR/Piece

Power AC Clamp meter : KEW2062

Product Image (1067)

Leakage Clamp Meter - KEW 2434

Price: 29000 INR/Piece

Leakage current clamp meter - KEW 2434 Least affected by external stray magnetic field

Product Image (067)

1KV insulation tester - KEW 3005A

Price: 32180 INR/Piece

1000V Digital Insulation/Continuity Tester - KEW 3005A

Product Image (069)

Digital Insulation and Continuity Testers - KEW 3552

Price: 62250 INR/Piece

Digital insulation and continuity tester 1KV with USB port

Product Image (071)

5KV insulation tester - KEW 3125A

Price: 100500 INR/Piece


Product Image (072)

Earth Resistance Tester - KEW 4105A

Price: 29500.00 INR/Piece

Earth Resistance Tester for wide range of applications .

Product Image (073)

Digital RCD Tester - 5406A

Price: 35300 INR/Piece

RCD/ELCB Tester for industrial use

Product Image (089)

Power Analyzer - KEW 6315

Price: 600000 INR/Number

KEW 6315 - Power Quality Analyzer Keypoints: Simultaneous Power & Power quality measurements Helpful support functions Measurement with high accuracy Remote monitoring on PC and Android device Various Clamp Current Sensors Energy consumption check on site IEC 61010-1 CAT IV 300V, CAT III 600V, CAT II 1000V


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